Monday, 1 October 2012

September Update from the Total Betting Club

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September has flown by and it's now time to bring you some updates on some of the best performers from the Total Betting Club. This club brings so much profitable information to the table, it's impossible not to make money with Louis and the gang. Read on..............

This system finished with a record high!!
These are the full results since we started monitoring:
June +103.13 points
July +41.27 points
August +78.28 points
September +127.77 points
That's a collective total of +350.0 points.
This system is very easy to operate and the rules can be found in the club. The system is updated daily with the results and monthly profit total. If needs be this is a system that can be automated on the software we recommend.

This system had a very interesting month. There were some up and down moments but in the end we saw a profit of +12.52 points.
Here are the monthly combined figures:

July +169.97 points
August +186.22 points
September +12.52 points
Collectively this combined approach has made +368.71 points
Every day I post the daily selections and the full results and monthly figures are also included. This system is very easy to follow.
You might remember me mentioning this one a few weeks back and I think I was justified. It was a new take on a old idea that looked to overcome the problem of not finding enough value in the daily bets. The results have been 3 consecutive profitable months:
July +97.82 points
August +83.53 points
September +46.02 points
That's a collective total of +227.0 points

The system's rules are fully available on the forum and all selections are posted daily, along with results and profit figures.
Aside from the above there are other exciting tests going on and some interesting profits being made with the football systems.
You can use either link here to jump to our homepage and find club subscription details and other news.
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