Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Some great profits right now... +1200 points, +1688 points...

Morning All,

Here is a quick update on the profits rolling in for the Total Betting Club .

The New System SFFS is merrily rolling along and although it's very ealry days it does seem to have promise. October saw a profit of +104.36 points and November has stealthily made a creditable +67.28 points so far.
We have seen just 2 losing days so far this month and 17 winning ones, including today where we added another +2.6 points to our tally.
It's a very simple idea and is accessible as soon as you join.
All of the above are currently looking very good right now.
In the latest newsletter are the full results of the streamlined LFM and I show how you could have used slightly less stake and yet managed to double the overall yearly profits!! Sounds implausible I know but it is in the newsletter in black and white.
The research took some time but was well worth it I feel. There is also a safer version that uses half the original total stakes/risks and yet makes just slightly more than the original version. Surely this is a much better prospect long term? I for one feel it is and I am following all variants for some time in order to prove this point.
The original version is still doing extremely well on the year and has made +575 points. The streamlined version has made +600.0 points and the more aggressive version (but still less daily risk than the original) has made +1200 points as up to today.
Can we get our 6th winning month on the bounce???
+103.13, +41.27, +78.28, +127.77, +43.9
Previos winning months from June above. November is currently at +24.76 points.
It could be a superb start for this novel system. A perfect start in fact.
A final variant that has some superb winners under its belt so far. It's only been tested since October the 1st but the profits are already at +442 points and who knows how this will fair over the weeks ahead.
It is low risk and targets just one race per day. It should be an interesting few weeks/months.
The New Ikea System is still plodding along steadily. I made a little error in my last post and will apologise now for that. I misread one month as being a positive when in fact it was a negative and it means the profits were not quite as high as we initially thought.
However, even accounting for that mistake the system is still looking superb.
The total now stands at +1,688 points profit
November currently sits at +268.08 points profit
This figure comes from eleven and a half months worth of results and in that respect represents an amazing overall return. The goal now will be to see if we can get the profits up to 2,000 points by The New Year. I really hope so.
The rules are available in the members' area and the thread is updated daily with results and profit/loss figures etc.
The full set of results from the past 14/15 months are available in the November newsletter and you will see that all results are fully verifiable and 100% genuine.
Access this system plus the daily updates as soon as you join.
Remember - all of the above are available to all members 24/7 at no extra cost.
If you have any questions or need help with anything at all just get in touch.
You can use either link here to jump to our homepage and find club subscription details and other news.
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